This section contains all the frequently asked questions about TTA.

Q: What is Tribology?

A: Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear. Tribology is a branch of mechanical engineering and materials science [Source: Wikipedia].

Q: Why is Tribology important?

A: It is well known that the wastage of resources resulting from high friction and wear is too great. Thus, the potential savings offered by improved Tribological knowledge and technology are tremendous.

Q: What does TTA do?

A: TTA helps Thai manufacturing industry to solve problems related to Tribology by providing useful resources and network.

Q: Why joins TTA?

A: Due to the trends of manufacturing growth in Thailand, a centralized resource that assists existing manufacturing companies, help attract new businesses to the industry, and create opportunities for citizens is needed. TTA was established as a central point of knowledge and technology in Tribology in order to respond to the industry’s needs. As a result, TTA members can truly gain knowledge and know-how in Tribology from TTA resources and activities.

Q: How to join TTA?

A: Please click here to join.