Events, Training / Seminar

TTA Training Schedule


August 2023Electric Motors Lubrication, Testing, and MaintenanceFree Online Seminar
June 2023Electric Motor Bearings Design and SelectionFree Online Seminar
April 2023Electric Motor ManufacturingFree Online Seminar
February 2-3, 2023EV Transmission DesignFree Online Seminar
September 29, 2022Standard Testings for Electric MotorsFree Online Seminar
July 26, 2022Overview of Electric Motors Industry in ThailandFree Hybrid (Online + Onsite) Seminar
29-30 October 2019Introduction to Welding & Joining Technology for Automotive & Railway ApplicationsTraining
11 October 2019Material Technology for Automotive Part Productions – Advanced Level WorkshopWorkshop
9-10 October 2019Material Technology for Automotive Part Productions – Advanced LevelTraining
20-21 August 2019Material Technology for Automotive Part Productions – Intermediate LevelTraining
9 July, 2019Application of 3D Printer for Casting and Forming DiesSymposium
27-28 June 2019Material Technology for Automotive Part Productions – Basic LevelTraining
15 March 2019Importance of Lubrication Maintenance for Engine PerformanceWebminar
10-11 January 2019Oil Additive TechnologyWebminar
October 27, 2017Cold Spray TechnologyTraining
August 9-10, 2017Auto Parts Tech Day 2017Symposium
June 28, 2017Fundamentals of Lubricants and LubricationTraining
May 11, 2017Zero Machine Breakdown Through Tribology TechnologyFree Seminar
December 14, 2016Tribology Session “Tribology in Aerospace Parts Manufacturing and How to Integrate Existing Technology to Develop Aerospace Products”Seminar
October 26, 2016How to select lubricants and coatings in auto parts forming industryTraining
March 27, 2016Machine Reliability Through Excellent Lubrication PracticesFree Seminar
February 10, 2016Finite Element Method in Engineering for TribologyTraining
November 19, 2015Wear Mechanisms and Maintenance TribologyTraining
June 17, 2015Die Materials and Coatings SelectionTraining
March 26, 2015Surface and Contact MechanicsTraining
January 28, 2015Lubrication and LubricantsTraining
December 16, 2014Global Trends of Future Manufacturing TechnologySeminar
December 15, 2014Active Control of Boundary LubricationSeminar


  • TTA provides in-house training and seminar upon request.
  • TTA brings in international experts upon request.